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L'heure d'écoute 聆聽時刻 Hora da Escuta リスニングアワー ZuHörstunde


Listening Hours are led by a facilitator called the guide.

The guide in LH does not say much. But the guide plays a key role, inviting the stories, structuring the session, and building a positive atmosphere.


Guide also offers an integrative reprise that helps provide closure at the end. 

How to become an Listening Hour guide

Be part of a global community


Submit an application. Acceptance is based on motivation and readiness. 

Schedule an LH session.

It is important to experience Listening Hour before learning to guide the process.


Take the Practitioner training

Join an online and in-person training mentored by by Jonathan Fox, or one of his senior assistants.

Training topics include listening, understanding emergent stories, creating the atmosphere, ritual, the reprise, and exercising guidance. 

Get certified

Certified Practitioners can guide the Listening Hour, but not earn money from it. Certified Guides, step two in the training process, can practice LH in all contexts.

Training is offered twice a year.

The cost for the Practitioner training is US$195 (with a sliding scale, based on country).


Large group solutions

Become a Listening Hours guide for your organization


I am thinking of establishing the Listening Hour with in-house guides for my organization

The Listening Hour can offer staff groups a special kind of supervision, bringing isolated subgroups together, and providing space for renewal.


If you see an organizational need that the Listening Hour might help with, consult us about the feasibility of training one or more guides tailored to your organization. 

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